Splurge E-Liquid - 100ml
Splurge E-Liquid - 100ml

Splurge E-Liquid - 100ml

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Splurge E-Liquid 100ML


Strawberry Vanilla

You'll feel like you can take on the world and breath fire after you take a puff of the enticing vapor provided by our Strawberry Vanilla e-juice! Well, not literally but you know what we mean. Creamy vanilla is mixed with the freshness of juicy red strawberry extract in order to create the exotic flavor offered by this premium e-liquid by Splurge. 

Blueberry Blast

There really are only two words that can be used to perfectly describe our Blueberry Ice e-juice: smooth and delicious! We've infused this premium e-liquid with loads of powerful blueberry extract With A Hint of Mint for a full flavorful vapor with each and every puff. Both experienced and beginner vapers enjoy using e-juices by Splurge such as this one because they are all made in the USA out of the highest quality ingredients.

Vanilla Splash

Have an incurable sweet tooth? Satisfy your spontaneous dessert cravings with a puff of the vapor provided by our Splurge e-juice! This premium e-liquid  tastes just like a creamy custard-filled pastry but without all of those pesky calories. Our e-liquids are 100% made in the USA out of the finest ingredients in order to offer vapers with nothing but the highest quality vaping products.

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