Nestle Kit Kat Melon Wafer (Japan)
Nestle Kit Kat Melon Wafer (Japan)

Nestle Kit Kat Melon Wafer (Japan)

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Nestle Kit Kat Melon Wafer (Japan)

Discover the sweet and refreshing taste of Japanese melon in just one bite with these Japanese KitKats in melon flavor. Each package contains a unique combination of crispy wafer, creamy chocolate, and a fruity and delicious melon flavor, offering an unforgettable flavor and texture experience.

The package of Japanese KitKats in melon flavor is perfect for all occasions, whether it's a quick snack or a sweet dessert to accompany your favorite coffee or tea. Japanese KitKats have become famous for their innovative and unique flavors, and the melon flavor is certainly one of the fans' favorites.


The package contains 10 mini Kit Kat chocolate bars. 

Brand Origin: Japan

Weight: 150g

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