IndaCloud Delta 8 Disposable (2000mg)
IndaCloud Delta 8 Disposable (2000mg)

IndaCloud Delta 8 Disposable (2000mg)

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IndaCloud Delta 8 Disposable (2000mg)

The ideal device for cannabis beginners and enthusiasts alike, these Delta 8 disposable vapes offer you one of the most convenient ways of experiencing the relaxation of Delta 8 THC on-the-go. Each of the disposable pens contains its own ceramic coil, internal battery, strain-specific mix of botanical terpenes, and 2000mg of the purest, hemp-derived D8 THC distillate around. Yes, you read that right a full 2 grams of D8 in every single disposable.
One to three puffs and you’ll feel the effects of Delta 8 THC almost immediately, relieving stress and relaxing your body. 

2g Rechargeable Disposable Device
Preheat Button & Variable Voltage
Ceramic Coil – Smooth Draw
Custom Design
Natural Terpenes
Premium Delta-8 Distillate
No Fillers or cutting agents
Child Resistant Packaging

Available Strains:

Bubba Kush
your tongue will detect rich earthy notes of chocolate, coffee, and diesel

Cantaloupe Haze
tropical concoction of melon and floral flavors

Gelato 33
a celebrated cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset 


Grapefruit Kush
with the creaminess of Bubba Kush and all the flavors of Grapefruit

Sherbert Queen
reminiscent of skunky citrus, sweet berry and sugary sweets

Strawberry Cough
tasting and smelling of fresh strawberries

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