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The electronic cigarette is an electronic device of a cigarette that stimulates smoke or the experience of smoking a cigarette. Usually, smoking an electronic cigarette is not as risky as smoking a real cigarette, but the health effects of an electronic cigarette are bad as well, most people who smoke e-cigarettes are addicted to smoking. The e-cigarette works by heating the liquid that generates the vapor. Many people use this e-cigarette, to quit smoking or as entertainment. Usually, non-smokers get addicted to nicotine when they smoke from an e-cigarette. The majority of the harmful and the toxic chemicals are missing from the e-cigarettes or the vapor. China invented it in the year of 2003. 

How does it work?

E-cigarettes, as of 2018, are manufactured in China. After its invention, it spread across to the United States and the United Kingdom. A lot of people shifted to e-smoking to quit smoking, save money, or reduce the risk of tobacco since then e-smoking have turned into a trend people do for entertainment. The device that people use to smoke is called the Jull, the pod is the small box-like container that is compatible with the device, and therefore the device is known as JuuL compatible device. There are so many companies that manufacture the Ejuice and the equipment for smokers. 

What is vape juice, and how does E-cigarette work?

The vape juice or the E-juice is the liquid used by the smokers to create smoke or vapor. There are different kinds of flavors available for the juice, such as strawberry, mango, blueberry, etc., according to one’s favor. It is made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and food flavoring and comes with or without nicotine. The food coloring is the same as used in a ketchup bottle, ice cream, and salads. There are also Juul compatible pods, which is brand of the E-cigarette. The pod needs to be fixed on to the device to create the vapor. Eonsmoke Pods and sea pods are different types of pods that people use that gives different experience and flavor with each pod. They have different colors as well, such as neon, etc. 

The use of e-cigarettes and health problems 

Most users of e-cigarettes are the one who already smokes traditional cigarettes, everyday use of the e-cigarettes are middle-aged men. The reasons why people e-smoke is they believe that vaping is healthier smoking and is odor-free and cheaper. The market and the industry as well, try influencing people to get into e-smoking, through advertisement with, etc.  Smokers do get the maximum benefit, as stated by many health organizations that, they are less harmful, compared to using tobacco but that doesn’t mean e-cigarettes are not harmful at all. Although, many health organizations are not sure of recommending e-cigarettes for people to quit smoking, as there is inefficient evidence. Other British health organizations, rank e-cigarettes to be, the third best alternative for the smokers to quit smoking. A lot of teenagers who vape, do not smoke cigarettes; they shift to e-cigarettes to quit smoking. These are less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes. 


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