Crushed 1.4ml Disposable Pod Device

Crushed 1.4ml Disposable Pod Device

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Crushed 1.4ML Disposable Pod Device

Crushed disposable kit is great for the beginner vaper or the on-the-go active vaper. All the great things about vaping made simple, ready for use right out of the packaging. Crushed contains 1.4ML of delicious e-liquid with a 6% (60 mg) nicotine level.

Available Flavors:

Blueberry Mango Orange Crush Peach Berry Crush Iced Banana Crush | Iced Grape Crush Kiwi Strawberry Crush Watermelon Crush Blueberry Lemonade Pineapple Crush

Mango Crush Berry Honeydew Iced Grapefruit Iced Lychee Crush Iced Sour Apple Blueberry Crush Iced Blackcherry Blue Raz Iced Berry Banana Iced Mint Lush Ice

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