Butter HHC Disposable (2000mg)
Butter HHC Disposable (2000mg)

Butter HHC Disposable (2000mg)

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Butter HHC Disposable (2000mg) 

Butter 2ML HHC Disposables. Each unit includes 2000mg of HHC, which is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Hemp Bill. All batches are 3rd-party lab tested to ensure safe, high-quality HHC products.




Strawberry Gelato

Banana Split

Chapos Churro

Gorilla Cookies

Purple Urkel

Wifi Cake

Alien Pebbles

5 Stars
I have just been introduced to cannabinoids. My doc has been encouraging me to get my license & check out MMJ, but the cost is prohibitive. As a former smoker (quit 40 years ago) i was a bit hesitant to try vaping. I was born with respiratory issues and that asthma has played a big role. I ended up buying the Butter HHC vape because I didn’t have a good option. I bought it locally and tried it when I got home. I was investigating for two issues. One: sleep deprivation. Insomnia. The bloodless version of death-by-a-thousand-cuts. I was getting MAYBE I got 4 hours, on a good night. Gone are the days when I set 3 alarms so I wouldn’t be late to work or class! At my age, the consequences of sleep deprivation are chalked up to age. People smile and answer me a speaking a little louder bc gray hair means I am deaf I suppose. The second, my more vexing problem is BONE PAIN. (Life after 50 is a downhill slog!) I have had this discussion with doctor (s). My PCP. I have also talked it over with the pharmacist. Docs are a bit more willing to treat pain in older people. . My doc is the best. As the pharmacist explained, bone pain is exceptionally difficult to treat. She knew the most common cannabinoids. This is an extremely conservative state and the MMJ laws here are not great. Back to my point. I discovered that with Delta 8 helps me to sleep longer. Fantastic But Delta 8 not really touching the pain. Enter the Butter 2ml HHC (hybrid.) i am not chasing the high. But this is actually diminishes the pain, and making it more manageable. I still need my prescription meds but the pain is much more controlled. Now, this is an individual thing. What works for me might not help the next person.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New England . on 3/9/2023

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